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Little Alien Doodle…

Made a quick little doodle of an Alien in Mudbox did a quick colour comp.  I’d like to try and do a few more little alien heads over the next little while as they’re fun and fast. 🙂


Darth Revan… Mugged!

When I was working on KOTOR, I was lucky enough to do the concept for Darth Revan.  It’s pretty cool to see him make the toy scene as one of the Mighty Muggs from Hasbro.

Lookin’ forward to the release in November. 🙂


Things have been pretty busy at work but I wanted to post up something new.  I’ve been working on this little Metaluna Mutant bust off of the default head in Mudbox.  I might texture him up depending on how much time I have. 😛

Just wanted to post up some screens of the Green Goblin bust I was working on last week. It kinda grew out of one of the one hour heads I was working on and I decided to take it further. 🙂